Any advice on how to get through them doing their time? I'm really having a difficult time with this, and would love any advice from anyone who can give it to me. Thanks.
fallenangels025 fallenangels025 18-21, F 10 Answers Sep 29, 2009

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i dont know y your bf is in jail.. but if this is the first time, u believe ut meant for each other, dont u dare listen to some of these people.. my bf has been in jail for 5 weeks now, and i miss him like crazy, butr we love each other and i believe that he's learned from his mistakes ... =) so my advice to you: i know ur probablly feeling really low right now, but u have to get out there, get a new hobby, go to the gym, hang out with ur friends more, if you're living alone now have a friend move in with u! Spend more time with ur family, get a pet, learn to cook, make a count down calender for when he's coming home, I swear everyday I cross another day of my calendar its a huge relief :) u can add other stuff to ur calendar too, like movie night with the girls, moms birthday and so on =) so u have something to look forward to =) I wish u all the best, even though as im writing this im realizing.. wow this is a long time ago.. :/

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Write daily. Time to think about choices, decisions made and to make and both of your futures.

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Find someone new...he will likely do the same in the shower.

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It is hard!...Is it for a serious offence?

Is it worth the wait?

You are young, ...You have a life to live as well!

Think hard about it!.....MAYBE,...find someone else!

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why is he there ? if he is a bad boy and you are not a bad girl , please listen to "tommygregg " advice .... so sorry :(

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