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You need to ask him.

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Guys like to look, PERIOD, it is the way it is.

Now for you,

You can accept the fact that he does this with you there and NOT behind your back. Or you can get offended by it.

I think it is best to have it done with you there.

Now as I have always told my wife, it is not my looking that you have to worry about. It is when I stop looking that you have to worry.

That means I am either Blind, Gay, or Dead.

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I agree that you need to ask him,just

if you dont like the answer,"byeee"


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I like to look with my bf.

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There isn't anything wrong with it. why do you feel there is?

You'd said, he has you, what does he need that for.... realize that you are looking at the issue the wrong way. Come at it from his point of view.

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cause men like p o r n. i've been looking at it since i was 13. my dad had a whole stash of magazines i would peak through.

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Men love variety.

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It's really simple, He's a guy!

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