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After I caught my man wearing my square dance petticoat and dress, I have since made him wear those clothes around the house everyday now. Hi name is Bobby and I want everyone her to know that he is a complete sissy wimp now.<br />
<br />
Bobby stays home and does all the household chores wearing his pretty square dance dresses that he likes so much along with wearing panties, nylons and a petticoat slip. It's so fun watching his dress knock over things on our furniture as he walks by. I just can't believe a guy would want to dress that way.<br />
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I work in an nice office with a lot of other girls and a few guys and I have to dress very nice for work. I always go out with my friends after work, so I come home and change into comfortable clothes for the evening. Sometimes I bring some girls home with me.. All I tell the girls is, Bobby's my maid. When I get there I show them to our living room and call for Bobby.<br />
I go to my room and listen for a minute. All of a sudden I hear the girls screaming with laughter, then I know Bobby has entered the room.<br />
The girls take turns lifting up his dress, giggling as they see his slip. Their all in tears when I come into the room. I say this is Bobby my maid.<br />
<br />
They all want to know why he's dressed that way. I tell them the story of how and then have Bobby prance about the room swishing his dress back and forth. I have him sit and as he does his petticoat stands straight up. They all laugh some more. I tell Bobby I'll be home late, but to wait up for me because I may have a surprise for him when I get home.<br />
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more at Part 2

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