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NewAFGF NewAFGF 16-17, F 6 Answers Jun 23, 2012

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What is there to be terrified of the Air Force? Yes, some were in the most dangerous positions a few years ago, but now we are back to the peacetime, more or less, so lots of safe stuff going on now. Of course, if he is going to be a PJ, then forget what I just wrote.

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It's definitely stressful and hard, but so worth it!!! Not all people can handle it but if you really love each other then you'll get through it. My boyfriend has been in the Air Force for almost two years and I've been with him even before he joined. He's stationed in Korea but we make it work. Skype/FaceTime will become your best friend, TRUST ME! Once your man joins, you'll never take time for granted with him. If you want to talk I'm here; I know what it's like to be a USAF girlfriend. I have been for almost two years! :) hope this helped!

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It's kinda dangerous ! But you should be really proud of him !<br />
Like my boyfriend travels in air ! What does YOUR boyfriend do ?<br />
Try to take to good out of it !

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