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My boyfriend of two years dumped me 4 months back(It was 1 year of long distance and the next year i shifted? esha t asked 10 mins ago - 4 days left to answer to his city) He went on to date my friend which i supposedly feel is his rebound.I begged,cried,pleaded to take me back,called him up several times for 2 months but he just didnt seem to care.When i came to know that he has started dating and making out so soon with my friend,i gave up and was in no contact for one and a half months till my birthday on 9th feb.I called him asking as to why he didnt wish me on my birthday.I spoke to him very politely and in a friendly manner.I was surprised that he was returning my calls .On asking about his status with my friend ,he refused to accept her as his girl or the fact that he was even dating her,and said that he felt sorry for what he did and that i was a nice girl and he never wanted to leave me.But, he still blames me for not understanding him and holding me responsible for the breaku
eshatt eshatt 22-25, F 1 Answer Feb 18, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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