This guy and I have been dating for 4 months now.Recently his babymother and I got into a fight.She pressed charges on both him and I & we both went to jail.He is still currently in jail cause he is on probation.He only had 10 months left of probation.His crazy babymother doesn't even want to be with him but she doesn't want him and I together.I think he will do up to 2 yrs in jail and I have decided to stick by his side and be a loyal girlfriend.I started writing him and im got to go see him soon.The thing is that they may transfer him 5 hrs away.He told me that he loves me and he has asked me when are we going to get married.No one in his family likes his babymother.What are some things I can do to show him that I am loyal,faithful,and that I love him.The only thing I will have once he's 5 hrs away is pen & paper.So how much should I write him and what are some of the things I should say cause I dont want to make the letter boring.How far can you go in the pics to send to the jail.
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Wow! 4 months and he is talking marriage? did he ask you once he was in jail?? I think you better slow way down here and really look at this relationship objectively... he is in jail and has a kid and a wacko ex? Is this what you want for yourself?

I guess you can maintain a friendship... send him some letters, but you better be careful in sending him pictures. They will open his mail up before giving it to him.

Please don't rush into anything... take the time he is in jail and really evaluate the relationship and see if he really is the one for you.

Talk to some friends and family and see how they feel... what their opinions are.

good luck

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You both decide your gonna date other men

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excuse me, but i find this funny as hell.

did your boyfriend broke the laws trespassing a african country border to bring meds and food to poor people there? cause if there is another reason for him being in jail...

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okay, you only have 4 months invested in this. He is a jailbird and he comes with a lot of drama and baggage...cut him loose. move on with your life.

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I think you should find someone else. This guy and the mother of his child sound like nothing but trouble. Don't believe every guy that tells you that he loves you especially this type of guy.

I'm sure you don't want to hear that but if you really love this guy, you would know how to stay loyal to him while he is in jail.

If you really want to stay loyal, just say no to any other guy that comes your way although I think you probably will be pushing away much better person. It will be someone who doesn't get himself thrown in jail and have a bad relationship with a woman that he already got pregnant.

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commit a crime, hopefully the both of you will be in a coed cell and be roomies!

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I would honestly say, I was in the same position once. And it is not worth waiting for

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If you send pics to jail, prepare for rapists and the like to do things you would not like to your image.

Someone who has to fight with his X may not be the most mature person and probably not ready to get married. Wait until you mature enough for commitment. Your question not knowing how to be loyal almost makes the feeling come out that you want others.... Sorry, just some thoughts.

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the fact that the guy is in jail prooves that he is a dishonest person. if he is dishonest about one thing he will be dishonest with you too. why do you have such low self esteem that he is all you think you deserve. get someone better! you can do it. get rid of him he is not good for you. now if you break the law just like him i would say shame on you!

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Depends on your level of self-control. If you have great willpower this should'nt be a problem.

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As was stated...luggage, baggage and a criminal record. Three strikes and you're out.

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Hi ShortieNY25

is not about pics. Is about the heart. Talk from that. Good luck. Hard break.


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Well remember that everything you send to him will get opened, read, etc. so don't talk too much sh1t about the babymother. Pics may or may not get to him, but it's your letters that mean the most. Not sure how much time you did, but if you've been in jail for longer than a few months you'll know how much letters mean. Most dudes think alot about their girls while their doing their time, so anything you send him will show him how much you care. That's all you can really do but it's all you have to do. Trust me, your letters will never seem boring. His days are filled with sitting in a cell and playing cards with men. He might send you some sh1t too and you just go back and forth. Try to put a few bucks on his account when you can and see if you can save up for a phone that he can make collect calls to every once in a while, if you can. He'll really appreciate you for it. Keep tight with any of his friends/family and make sure he's got a cool place set up for when he gets out.

This will all make you feel like you're doing something as a gf, and makes the time go a little quicker for you guys. Don't waste time trying to analyze the relationship or play head games with yourself. You obviously really care about him. The time will pass quickly, just keep your dreams alive and your love.

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Im confused. Okay first of all you have only dated this guy 4 months. So marriage should not even being talked about.

Not sure how long you have even known this guy and maybe there is a reason he is in jail. What was he on probation for?

As far as being loyal .. you can be a loyal friend, ect and keep in contact through paper/pen and see how it all works out. Just seems to soon for commitments like that.

Then you sound like your talking pics and how far you can go on there. Why you so worried about being boring? sounds like you have enough to talk about to get to know each other. But you can write erotic letters.. that still has nothing to do with love. As far as pics.. trust me you. Learning from my experience do not send pics that you wouldnt want others to see. Im not sure if you want nudity

what the laws are.. But again keep yourself safe. I dont know how well you know him and take baby steps. I'd just start by writing and comforting him that way with a few hugs

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