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yes if i have my toolbox in the car with me, which is sometimes. otherwise, i'm as helpless as you.

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allways keep your tool box handy

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Depend on situation, location, time of day. What have WE done to the world where people dare not stop to help. Suppose it's the sign of the times but teh signs all seem wrong.

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Midnight : I'll help you get your car into the nearest hotel or something.

Dawn : Wait with you till morning, then take your car for repair.

Any other time : Pull the car (with my car) to the nearest repair store.

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u r way to trustin my young freind

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of course !!! need a lift to the closest repair shop or call AAA? :O)

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thanks always b careful

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i know

for sure

i'd stop if

you looked


it would be

very hard

for me to just

leave you

...i know i

should say

i wouldn't

stop, but

the truth is

i probably


or at least

wait nearby

until help



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thank u, got a face that does that to people lol

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do these males realize the "nice legs" is the decoy?.......i say nope, but i'd call for help

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good answer

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If you were a female and I didn't think you would try to kill me I would.

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im male dont let the blood on my hands bother u none

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One too many "Criminal Mind" episodes makes me say no. BTW 2 nights ago while walking late at night in Boston a woman approached me for $3.50 to fix the flat on her car a few blocks away. She'd forgotten she'd tried to scam me before and failed, but crack probably does that to one's memory. Last time her "keys were locked in the car" and her 3 kids were left alone in the car....

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lol you better b careful

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lol i think you'll like this

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