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I understand how you feel. I used to have a gymnast for a friend and I was close to 200 pounds...

I found that the best thing to do (if you are trying to lose weight or not) is to find clothing that suits your body type and focus more on your appearance in the mornings. Yes they say that you shouldn't focus on stuff like that, but it will give you more confidence.

Guys will also notice you more if you are confident and look nice through proper clothing for your body.

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Straight goods: there is always going to be someone skinnier, prettier, richer, more lucky, more travelled, more successful, more stylish, happier, freer, and who has more posessions than you.

That does not make you a loser.

There is always going to be someone fatter, uglier, poorer, less lucky, less travelled, less successful, unhappier, more restricted and who has much fewer posessions than you.

That does not make you a winner.

Everyone is unique, everyone has a purpose, and everyone is special to someone. You are just as God made you, you perfect in His eyes, and He'll always love you just exactly the way you are.

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At work i have this chubby and absolute hawty girl.

She's just full of life and energy.

Weight it totally irrelevant

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Not every guy likes stick figures....

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