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wow! I've been in a somewhat similar situation & can relate :( but from the guy's perspective. I too had/have relations with a 1st cousin of mine & dunno bout ur back story on u & ur cuz, but for me, "it just happened" as everyone always says in regard as to how we hooked up & whatnot & until I read ur unfortunate experience, I wasn't too sure of the truthfulness of stories & experiences shared here cause no one touches this side or this view point of cousin sex. consequences do happen & unfortunately this happened to u. for me, I got involved wit a younger cousin who I really didn't talk to or have contact wit till recently & when we did, we hit it off. and like u, during 1 of our passionate encounters 1 of my lil guys made it to the egg & low & behold we were expecting. to make matters more complicated, my cousin was on BC! ("the shot" to be specific) & she was also in a relationship at the time but was in a separation from the guy. she said she told him about it & he was confused. as was I. she said & assured me it was mine as in women know (she said that when I asked if there's any possibilities it was her then man's) she said although confused, she said she'd "take care of it" not asking for help ($-wise) she said she told him but didn't say it wasn't his & see what hed say & like me she said he was speechless. he didn't say if he wanted it and didn't say he didn't want it & due to thier complicated state as she put it, she just told him the same thing she told me-that she's gonna get it taken care of & didn't ask him for help. well, fortunately for her, as did I, he said he'd help too so in the end it looks like she came out on top in this as she had 2 guys give her half each leaving her not having to pay for the procedure. after all this & the added complication of her falling for me, as did I for her, she dumped that guy & moved back in with her parents. shortly there after her parents, or her dad asked if I could let her stay with me to attend school where I'm at & long story short, she's been living wit me & weve been together since. we have our ups & downs but have been making things work out so far. I'm sorry to hear that ur cuz said he doesn't want u, remember, as the person who commented before I did here said: there are things u can do & know u aren't alone. I'm glad I found this site when I did recently to help me & have me realize I'm not alone. I'm happy to share whatever I can if you'd like & I shared a few of my escapades & such here on EP & want u tí know I'm here if u bees someone to listen. btw, how's things now? u have the baby & what's up wit the guy? give us updates :) hope alls well & take care

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Well you know, if he doesn't want you then there is hardly anything you can do to change the situation. How old is he? This could even be statuary rape.....

If you think you can't take care of the kid, then think about getting an abortion or putting the child up for abortion.

I hope things work out for you.

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