The First One I Ever Had He Was One Of My Care Bars And For One Day He Came Back Or Like Last Night He Came Back To Life Then Died Again I Mean He Never Stays Alive What Does That Mean I Need Help
Sammerz Sammerz 16-17 8 Answers Jun 25, 2009

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Not a lot. You liked him.

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wonderful dream

I would interpret it as your hanging onto an aspect of yourself (whatever your father represents to you) - and it would seem that this aspect needs to die - change.

as pointed out it may be a way of grieving too

what deity bless

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I have had very similar dreams and have often wondered what they mean... That he returns for a short while then disappears again.. Always wake up with a feeling of loss or of being unsettled...

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Two parts:

Unresolved issues your mind is still trying to work themselves out and the need to reconnect with your dad. Your memory is working over time to keep him alive and yet your mind still faces reality. It happens to nearly everyone. Some times you may even dream where he says some word/s - ex: him calling your name to come into the next room. Something familiar to you that he may say.

The other part is if your in need of his presence and strength and comfort, I do believe you can summon him and he will be there to watch over you. If you are good, you may be able to ask life questions and get a reply via a kinda thought-voice in your head. Not ears.

Such things have happened to me. The last happened for a while in different times of my life. But when the need was not as strong, there was nothing to tie him to me and he just did his own thing, I guess is the best word for it.

You need to resolve his death somehow. Maybe for a short time build something in his honor for who he was to you and visit it as much as needed for comfort. It will help cement the fact that he is really gone. But don't let that memory destroy you. The other thing mentioned can happen for some in their sleep. BUT I really don't think that is the case at this time. So no worries. ^_^

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dreams often come from what are in our subconcious minds, either that or they are dreams of what we want, or what we are scared of.

In your case. Obviously you wish you could see your dad one last time, but you know that cannot happen.

It's unfortunate. but know that it's okay to miss him and to want to be with him again. And one day.. you will be. keep telling yourself that. stay strong.

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Well grief counseling is good for everybody after a death in the family. Although I hated them when my dad died and they tried to tell me how I felt so maybe it isn't a good idea, who knows. If he died recently it is probably your minds way of dealing with it. I did the with my niece. I had a couple of dreams about her and both times she died anyway, no matter what I tried to do to save her. I think this dream means that it was their time to go. She was 13yrs old when she died so I was saying no it wasn't her time, it should have been me and all those other things people tell themselves. You are probably currently doing this to yourself. If not then don't listen to anything I am writing. If it is what you are telling yourself right now then the dreams are telling you no matter what you may think.... It is not your fault! You could not stop it no matter what you tried! And it was his time to go whether you were ready for it or not! Your dreams are telling you that there is nothing you could or can do but grieve. You will always have your memories and I hated it when people told me that and it has been 17yrs since my dad died and no it does not get any easier as time passes. But when you sit down and ask yourself why, change your thoughts to whatever good memories you have. The care bear thing is probably just because it is something you love and something that makes you happy, so that is why he used them to show you this. Hope my answer helps at least a little...

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