He is wheezing deeply like he is going to throw up. But, not always throwing up. He was out running all night...pollen is high right now. He also came back with Kennel cough the other day. Are these all related? He has an appetite. What can I do? Do they make allergy meds for dogs? Let me explain something so people do not get the wrong impression. We went on vacation and the Vet always kennels our dog. This time though he came back coughing. The dog is nine now and lives on alot of ground which he knows his boundaries and its all fenced. He has been vaccinated as well. Usually he is out hunting bunnies cuz its bunny time. His job here, is to protect us. He does this well and we do not have problems with any bad incidence. He is perfectly safe. I will call the Vet in the morning.
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Your dog is more than likely suffering from what some of the others have mentioned: reverse sneezing. It's harmless. Seach youtube with that description and you'll find at least two videos BY VETS showing this (one w/ an Italian Greyhound). Pollen can certainly bring it on.

NOW A WORD TO ALL THOSE FLAMERS. It would be SO HELPFUL if you would READ the post completely before reaching for your phones to speed dial Animal Control. The poster CLEARLY said it was late at night and that she'd call the vet in the morning. Throwing up bile is not an emergency based on what OTHER INFO the poster mentioned.

Good grief. I can only suppose you rush your children to the ER everytime they sneeze.

It is not against the law (yet!) to leave your dog outside and not provide a monogramed heated theraputic dog bed by the fire. Dogs are dogs, and you have to treat them individually. You don't leave a chihuahua out all night in the cold, and you don't keep a northern breed inside a well heated house.

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It sounds like the dog ate something a bit off and now has an upset tummy. My dog did the exact same thing last week after drinking some spilled beer that my brother had tipped over on the concrete.

She started breathing funny, then she threw up bile.

Find some grass for the dog to eat, as grass is something dogs eat when they feel unwell. It's something natural, that to a dog serves a medicinal purpose.

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That yellow stuff is bile. Go to Petsmart and see what sort of medicine they have there. Make sure your dog drinks enough.

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If it doesn't clear up in a day or two, you should take him to the vet. He may have been bit by something or it could be that he ate something he shouldn't have (poison?) or it may be allergies. I know it's expensive but that's what you need to do when you take on caring for another living being. Good luck.

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My two labs have kennel cough, one of them quickly developed pneumonia with harsh gagging and coughing and spitting up thick yellowish mucous. So scary. Took him to vets twice today last one they did xray and blood work. The xray showed slight lung cloudiness and a small narrow treachea. They gave shot of antibiotics and have to keep eye on her tonight. Fever went up to 104. Awful does this sound reasonable?

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Please take your dog to the vet. Have them listen to their heart and breathing. Maybe an x-ray. I just had to have my 10 year old dog euthanized today. Running and excitement caused him to have severe breathing attacks and he coughed a lot. So definitely go to the vets!

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Our dog had similar signs, and so she was taken to the vet. It turned out she has a heart mumor and it was fluid on her lungs making her cough.

She is an 11 year old Australian silky terrier.

I'd take your pup to the vet, better to be safe than sorry.

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I agree with most here - 1st - take him to the vet BUT like Citysky - my dog, especially when pollen is high, does what the vet calls a backward sneeze - they sound horrible and I even think that Casey looks miserable when he has an "attack" (thanks for the idea of blowing on his nose - I am going to try that!). I usually pet him and soothe him until it is over. Also, when the pollen is high (and I know his allergies are bothering him because he will constantly lick his paws - sometimes until the hair starts coming off - little bare spots), he will spit up the yellow stuff (like Konrad said, bile, but also, the vet said, mucus) - like humans, when our allergies act up - we have drainage and sometimes it will upset my stomach and it upsets Casey's - so we give him a piece of bread every morning - 1st thing - it settles his stomach. Then we wait to put the food down - just water and that piece of bread then after a bit (I am home all day), his food - and voila! No spitting up!

Good luck - just notice in my answer - all my answers came from me taking my dog to the vet FIRST to make sure there wasn't something more serious going on!

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Take him to the vet.

We are not Doctors. Not even Witch Doctors.

Your dog needs help and PRONTO.

Poor thing.

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This is going to sound more reprimanding than I intend it to....but...

Why on earth would you bother writing about this here? If your pet isn't acting normally isn't your first instinct to go to the vet?

Good grief.

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Have you had the dog tested for heartworm? Due to the result of a death in the family, we were given a dog that had had heartworms for several years. What you described are the same symptoms this dog exhibited. Her breathing attacks got bad enough that we decided it was time to have her put to sleep. Was so sad, but it was worse to see her have these attacks.

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