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One sided love must really suck. Move on & find a guy worthy of your affections.

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He has moved on from you, he is not in love with you

i am sorry to say. We all get hurt at times, you will find

someone right for you its not him. He is out there.

Try keeping busy, find a new hobby, hang out with friends.

Concentrate about you, and what makes you happy, get your

self esteem back, and you will be in a happier place to move


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A one-sided love affair is NOT a love affair. You save yourself heartache if when someone tells you to move on, you take him at his word and move on ! :(

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Because he does not love you and wants to be free from you. Sorry but that is why.

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He's doing someone else or wants to. Move on and forget him.

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We don't stop loving people just because we're no longer with them - at least I don't. I never have, and I never will.

There is nothing wrong with having love in your heart for someone that's not in your life anymore. But what you must also realize is that there comes a time when you have to move forward in your life and leave relationships behind. You can't stay in the past without it having a negative effect because life is about flowing with the current of change.

So, move forward, and take the love in your heart with you. Be open to new people and new experiences coming your way.

Love is a wonderful thing, and the heart is also wonderful, in that the more you love, the bigger it gets. You can never run out of room for love.

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it's happens to me too it really hurt if one sided love move on don't give any minute to think about him..!

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So my ex broked up with me last Friday & he didn't give me a good reason he just broked up with me & told me to move . I still have strong feelings for him & I love him . We go to school together & I have him for a class & he tried his hardest to ignore I always feel that vibe between us ? He told me he moved on & he's talking to another girl . & it breaks my heart to see that ..

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Can anyone give me an advice :(

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you said he was your ex that is what he is - your ex meaning he is not with you anymore and he is telling you to move and and get over him -

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Im in the same boat, I love my ex and always will. Im lost without him and can't stop thinking about him, he is with some1 else somehow. Any1 have any ideas how I can start to move on with my life im so depressed.

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there is always someone out there better. If I were you I would take his advise none of them are worth caring about. focus on the physical beauty of other mens body's etc and for every man you meet there will be at least 2 million other men who are just as suitable as you ex and better then you ever imagined.

look at all the hot hunks around and appreciate their worth as men and you will not care about who your ex was...

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I don't think it's possible to be in love with someone who doesn't love you back (unless you are a masochist). Could it be that you are merely infatuated over this creep? My suggestion is to move on and be happy with yourself or with someone else. That is the best revenge. Show him you can be happy without him. Your happiness depends on yourself and no one else.

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Do as you are told & be happy

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you sound dominate-she is asking for advice not "furthur orders"

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I was being a realist

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Is that Mariah Carey on your profile pic? *kinda resembles her, but the one in your photo is way too thin to be ber*

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You could just get vindictive until he beats you up enough that you realize he is a bad person... that is what I do. But it really sucks in the end... I just can't help myself.

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thats exactly what you should do. flirt with as many boys as possible and watch him come running back

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Me too, we were quite serious and then he moved away, his decision. then he said we were moving in different directions. I still don't know what I did to make him go away. It doesn't make sense to me. I thinka part of him will never leave me. It's been getting better then bam, just started crying. I hope someday I'll be over him and these awful painwrenching feelings.

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