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Well I know it's kinda obvious but...


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Give him a ticket to Dumpsville. I'm talking about a one way ticket. He's only hurting you because you allow him to.

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i really like kicking people in the face

SO when i saw that as a response i was like hell yea!!!

seriously so

you are letting this happen

i mean of course your like yaaa maybe this time


not that time

not ever

he wont change

PEOPLE never change

it doesnt happen

they are how they are

and there is nothing u can personally do to change that

just leave him

and find another guy to make him jealous

make him realize why he was with u to begin with

make him wish he was that guy...

and when HE comes crawling to you

you get the pleasure of saying


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You are either very young with self worth issues typical of your age. Or you are older with much more serious issues to deal with. You could also be lonely and like the attention you are getting from the answers to your question.

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Stop talking to him.

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You should not get back with him again.

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Those are narcissistic traits, if I ever heard them....

NO CONTACT....change your phone number....block him from emailing you....and DON'T go back with him.....

What he is doing is called idealization/, he builds you up....compliments you, professes his love for you, blah blah blah....then, all of a sudden, you're a b*&**, or anything else he can drum up.....then, after he crushes you....he comes back for another round...

It's very dysfunctional, and it is very damaging to your self-esteem...protect yourself from him....He's a jerk.....and his goal is to bring you control you...

Don't give him another opportunity to hurt you again....You deserve better than this, and you are way too young to put up with this kind of garbage.....Find someone who appreciates you, for who you are....Take care.

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The question is the answer on this one. Dump him and move on... for goodness sakes you are 18-21... there are more fish in the sea, right?

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Get away from him.

Don't go back no matter how much you "love" him.

He is on a power trip and you are his toy.

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I am sure if you re-read your question, you would have the answer right infront of you. Let me help you out:

you EX boyfriend (not your boyfriend anymore), keeps trying to HURT you (pain, nothing fun there), by GETTING BACK with you (because, there's obviously a reason you're not together), and then DUMPING YOU AGAIN (because that's all he wants to do when he get's back with you anyways.)

hm, have you found the answer yet??? I mean REALLY?

Obviously if you don't want to get HURT again, DON'T GO BACK OUT WITH HIM.

I honestly didn't want to dignify this question with an answer, but if you're really confused on what you should do, I thought "helping" wouldn't be a bad thing...


or get hurt again. your call.

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And why are you allowing this ? Why do you let him hurt you this way ?.

Dump this guy ASAP and get some counseling to understand and modify your approach to life.

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all of the above ...BUT... you don't have to take him back, plenty more fish in the ocean.... reel some in and enjoy.

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Sounds like a potential case of stalking, if you are telling him to leave you alone but he continues harassing you. Consider an order of protection to keep him away legally.

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Ive gone threw this! Stop going back! Yeah it may hurt when you say no, but in the long run it will be alot easier.

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I've been in this situation before. It's really, really hard to resist him when he wants to come back because you clearly care for him. Eventually though, you have to tell him that this is unacceptable and you will not tolerate this. If he wants to get back together, is fully apologetic and repentant, and will make an immense effort to try harder, you can take your time considering that. But if he's just going to keep up this pattern, tell him that you deserve more respect and you will find that from someone else.

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dump him first

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You need to dump him for good. There are other guys out there and he is showing that he doesn't respect or want you. He's just using you.

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i have a similar problem but the only thing i cant get my message through. now you have to be strong and continue to say just one word NO!!!!! hes only using u cuz he too spinless to find another person to keep him!!!! ur better than that!!!!

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get a girl friend...

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