I have always had a crush on him and told him I liked him too. Thing is, he asks me not to tell anyone for now, especially my ex. We all work together. What should I do? Is he waiting for me to make a move? I want to know what he's waiting for? All he does is give small talk and smile and look at me a lot.
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He is waiting for his friend to settle down. This may or may not occur depending on how good of friends they are and how the breakup was. Working together does not help. Steppenwolfo gives you and idea of what he may be facing. Young mens attitudes on gf and exgf are a whole study in male behavior by itself.

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maybe because he felt it was wrong to date you since are his ex's BESTFRIEND lol. he probably told u because he was tired of holding his feelings in and felt he needed to let it out.

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Your boyfriends friend sounds like a good guy..but "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

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things to make note of-

1. do you still have feelings for the ex?

then you need to cut out things with his best friend (called guy2 from now on)

2. does the ex have feelings for you?

you need to talk him out of it if ur serious abt guy2.

3. does the ex have feelings for guy2? okay. im jk

all the signs are there, guy2 definitely likes you. he's probly just waiting for the ex to settle with someone else so you guys can come out as a couple.

but id definitely do the secret dating thing, but thats just me.

i think i like guy2. he seems nice. plus, hes not trying to hurt the ex, which is what most guys wud do and not care about. hes a good friend!

and hes not even foregoing you for his friend. thats good potential boyfriend material!

it's actually violation of the BRO CODE to date your friend's gf or ex. so i guess thats why hes being careful here. and you shud too! dont go around rubbing it in the ex's face or anything. keep it low atleast for the first few months..


mail if you need more in depth help or whatev

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Sounds like either he's inexperienced in relationships, or he's a creeper.

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was in the same spot as you at your age... but, his friend was our neighbor.. & we went out:)..saw him at a club, he left the dance floor to come be w/ me. he was such a hottie:) for you...ignore him for a bit..see what happens.

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Thats weird of him. even if he does like you..... you loved his best friend. not cool unless he talked to his friend and its ok. He doesnt want you to talk because he knows itll get back to his homie and itll cause problems watch! Good luck with that

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he is a bad friend... unless he asked permission, anyways you do what you want to is your ex

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