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While I was dating my ex-boyfriend I introduced him to all of my friends. I fell out of love and couldnt go on pretending I was in love with him so I left him and found someone else. My ex boyfriend and the new woman I was seeing confronted each other and had rivalry the whole time I was seeing her. It didnt work out with her either so, I broke up with her as well and ended up alone. I cant seem to get my exboyfriend out of my life. He is friends with ALL of my friends and is now really good friends with my ex-girlfriend. It seems like he purposely keeps my friends in his life and became good friends with my ex to get revenge. When I go to birthday parties or gatherings, he is always around. Ive told my friends how it makes me feel and it just seems as though they dont take my feelings into consideration, or wants to befriend him. They all seem to hang out together, my exboyfriend, my friends and my ex girlfriend. It hurts me. What do I do to move on? Cut out all my friends in my life
RescueMeAtRecess RescueMeAtRecess 41-45 2 Answers Feb 15, 2010

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Hahahaha! I did the same and it ROCKS to see the other person pissed off. She tried to kick me out of the group many many times, but she doesn't stand a chance against my wit and charm.

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