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Sending you love honey. May I suggest you find what really makes you happy and ditch the excess weight ( a fiancee that doesn't treat u right I mean)

Don't let anybody make you feel bad about yourself

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You are the enabler by letting him treat you like this.

Leave he is not for you, and that is abuse you will only

end up depressed if you stay. Value yourself more and

leave to find a better day. Go and stay with family and

friends who care for you. Gradually you will get your self

esteem back if you leave. Think about it. We only live once.

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It's not your problem, it's his! He's trying to turn it into your problem - not fair huh? If he's doing this now, imagine being married to him. That SHOULD fill you with security and love - if it doesn't, leave him. He's not worthy of you, and the insults rather suggest that he knows it.

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Why is that douch your fiancee? Screw his self rightous ignorance. ewwwwww

you know I'm usually nice... just so you know this is the first rotten thing I have ever commented about another person.

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Don't hate yourself... seek your happiness else where.. with someone who'll appreciate your beauty.. Never mind him!

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After you throw this *** away you may want to find out why you like men that treat you so bad.

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DONOT MARRY HIM...please your life will become a living hell. everybody here has told why you shouldnt and deep down you know they are speaking the truth. this man is not good enough for you....dont you see? not good enough for you.

weight and prettiness has nothing to do with it at all. if your sister or somebody close was about to commit to an abuse man,think of what you would tell her and then say it to yourself. men come and go but self esteem is hard hard to recover when lost in this way

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why are you still with him if he treats you like crap ? and it will get worse when you marry him , your letting him get away with his bad behaviour by staying with him. dump him and tel him to go and find a pretty girl if that what he wants good luck to that not with his attitude , and he must have been attracted to you in the first place hes just trying to make you feel inferior , why hate yourself hes the problem not you ! dump his sorry *** or be a victim and be unhappy your choice

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You need to either train him or drop him. A fiancee is not supposed to make you feel badly about yourself. I'd let him walk. At least so he could do some soul searching of his own.

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If you lose weight he'll just find some other way to make you feel like crap.

Why? possibly because he fears you'll leave him, and/or possibly because he gets a rush from getting someone totally under his thumb.

This dude is verbally abusive, and that can often be a buildup to physical and sexual abuse.

Don't walk, RUN!

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Call off the wedding, he sounds like a douche bag. If he's bad now just think of how much worse he will be after you get married.

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