I have a 2mo old and my granny is old school so she feels she knows EVERYTHING. Shes always putting her 2sense in everything i do with my child. Whether its about his feeding, his docs visits, etc. and its frustrating. i know im going to snap one day and be like "He's MY son and u cant tell me what to do"... Of course i cant disrespect my granny so how do i respectfully let her know to chill whenever she starts "coaching" me. She's coming over tomorrow and i just know she's gonna be like "why are u doing this...", "why u not doing that..." "you need to do this....". Grrrrrhg...
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She's probably just trying to help, maybe you should ask her if she listened to her mother when she had kids.

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Just take some deep breaths and let her just love on your baby. You don't have to do what she says...if your baby is happy and healthy that's all that matters. Times have changed and we dont do half of what our elders did as parents.

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Yea u are right. Im 20 and my mom is around your age and she tells me to ignore her and just let her talk. Itll be hard but no point in saying anything. But she doesnt understand times have changed and u cant do that stuff with babies like back in the day.

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