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My husband childhood wasn't as loving as mine and how I treat my son with love. He has a son and I love him very much but my family always showed love and no difference between outside kids..we fight over stupid stuff.. if my son has 20 pairs of tennis its a big deal because he had to work for his and etc. My son is an excellent student and loves me so much, his dad is tired of seeing his son hurt over bull crap andi dong want to continue to argue...We come together and pray they make up then my husband starts something again maybe like 3-4 months down the line...I've dealt with this for 6-7 years and I will not let my husband continue his childish ways..we agrees it was foolish but why start something again over spilled milk. This is tiresome and we can be having a great outing that goes bad because my husband will give a lecture over something that we don't want to hear because it will soon start something bad and does...this is sad because we all have a great time together
richellew richellew 41-45, F 1 Answer Apr 16, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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