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Why would you call when you get such a negative response. He must think you're cuckoo! When you call him, it will increase his scorn for you. Yr self esteem must be low to even entertain contacting this oaf. You are worth more than this I can assure you. I suggest you stop rewarding his bad behaviiour by staying in touch. Dont contact him. If you must, do it by txt or something. Dont phone. Time for you to do some work on yourself, be kind to yrself, tell yrself you will not put up with this another single time, and stick to it. let him know that unless his communication is civilised, you will not engage with it. You need to mean what you say though, because if you say it and then continue as before, he will have even less respect for you. By the way, it sounds as if he doesnt respect himself at all either.

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If you have to contact him, then as has been said, you could go through a lawyer.

Otherwise look at why you are expending this effort and emotion, and stop contacting him. You may be appearing needy to him and it looks as if he doesn't want you anyway.

It's over.

Don't be a doormat.

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I agree with UnderConstruction. If you don't try and cling all over him (and if that's not what you're doing, then just don't call him), then he can't display his negative emotions. Don't call the looser. Call a new guy, someone you met at the gym or while shopping. Hell, you can give up on men all together and switch to the other team if you're truly fed up.

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Stop calling! He is just hurting you and everytime you call and he is nasty or doesn't answer it will hurt you more. This guy obviously doesn't like himself, people that are truely secure in themselves can deal with other people. He wouldn't treat you this way if he likes who he is. That doesn't mean you tell how wonderful he is, that won't make him like himself, it will only let him know he can do what he wants. Start hating him. Somepeople want to talk to the person they are mad at and somepeople shut that person out next time he calls you let him know how it feels to have something to say and not want to be heard! YOU need to give it all back to him!

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You both are equal in the sigh of GOD , may be you are not the only one in your relationship with unhealed heart or have not yet forgiven the person to tries and failed to build a life with . It 's a very thin line between give-up and move-on .

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Do not call him

Have your attorney call him.

HeĀ“ll be nicer then.

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Unless you have kids together you have no reason to contact him. Everything should be dealt with through your lawyers until the divorce is finalized. Your paying for the lawyers, so use them.

It seems obvious that he has no desire to talk to you, because he is ignoring your calls. So why bother calling. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of him trying to accuse you of harrassement, as that is what it will likely come to, if you persist on calling.

Like I previously mentioned If you guys do not have kids together, stop trying to initate contact with him. Orchestrate lines of communication through the lawyers and start living your lives anew.

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Chances are that he is hurting, for one reason or another, and your calls force him to look at what he is trying to forget. He is rude and nasty to encourage you to not call. Obviously, you aren't understanding his message. As other people say, keep the communication to the bare necessities and then communicate either through email or your attorney. Texting is almost as bad as calling. Let him respond when it is convenient for him to respond; don't expect immediate responses.

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Because he wants to fight with you. If he is nasty I hate to say this but ther is passion there. If it is over and you do not care then you have no emotion. He wants you to be a B so he can feel good about what he is doing. If your nice than he has second thoughts. The only other reason is if there is money invovled If he is loosing alot of money he will be made but that usually doe not last You need to figure out if you want him If no is the answer than do not call him just send emails as it relates to the business you have to take care of together other than that dont call

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