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look, I have a thing for feet too. but I can fully control my need for feet, because I respect my wife's feelings about this, and I would never do that to her.

but some people, like your husband here, doesn't have that full control of himself, not because he doesn't respect you, it's just he can't not to look or he's just isn't enough satisfied with you.

The comment poster called "fatal charm" was right when she said that feet are like boobs, I mean it's a part of your body, so why can't it be a turn on, god had created this need and put into our hearts, so as guys, and girls with a foot things ( mostly guys ) we need to satisfy our needs just like guys who like boobs.

so you can't call it a foot fetish, and if you did, make sure you say guys who like boobs have boobs fetish.

fatal charm was also right when she said feet aren't really covered like boobs are at usual, as people do not know much of a thing about feet and think that people with a thing for feet are freaks, they won't cover their feet, so this just makes us turned on.

and as for Jonnsmith, which is also someone who commented, said a thing about guys liking to be dominated by feet, so I wanted to add something for that just to make everything clear.

being dominated, is actually some other problem which has nothing with feet.

What I meant here is, people with "foot thing" and like to be dominated has 2 problems, so the brain simply adds them together, so it's being dominated by feet,

so someone might have this dominating thing with something other than feet, maybe with ***? and sometimes being electric shocked. ( believe it or not, there are guys who get turned on by being electric shocked by a girl, and I respect that too ).

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Give him the opportunity to enjoy himself looking at other ladies feet. I am sure this would enhance his sensual feelings towards you. If I see other ladies feet on the street, it will arouse my feeling s for my wife's feet. That night would be more pleasurable for me simulating my wife's feet with kisses, licks, caress, suckings and all stimulating strokes that my wife loves. So be open and do let him enjoy.

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I think if this happened to me, I would feel jealous. I would try to understand that to him, feet are like what boobs are to some other guys. I would be pissed off at my boyfriend if be blatantly stared at a topless girl in the street, but I would get over it as there aren't too many topless girls walking around in the street. Not where I live anyway. I would probably just roll my eyes at him and call him a **** head.

The thing with feet though is that they are everywhere. No one has a problem with walking around bare-footed or wearing strappy sandals. For someone with a foot fetish, seeing womens feet in strappy sandals everywhere would be the equivilent to a boob guy living in a topless bar, surrounded by boobs.

I think the only thing a person can do in this situation is rise above it. Accept that there are always going to be pretty feet being exposed and that he is probably going to look. Nothing you can do about it. Every time you start feeling jealous, stop that thought in its tracks and tell yourself that your confident and don't care, eventually you will believe it. Also, ask the guy to be more discreet when he is looking at feet. Tell him that you don't like it, but you understand that he is going to do it so be discreet about it so you don't have to see it. You are being understanding for him (that he likes to look at feet), so the least he can do is be understanding of your needs and be discreet about it.

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Guys with a foot fetish often like to be dominated. If you catch him perving on another women, my advice would be make sure he is satisfied. Why is he needing to look anywhere? A quick knee to his groin will soon cure his wandering eye.

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