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noel196742 noel196742 41-45 4 Answers Nov 28, 2011

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My husband takes 2 Microgyon 50 ED a day and has done for about six months. He was taking three a day for two years before that. He is now a nice 16B and is still growing albeit slightly. His bottom and hips have rounded out very nicely and he no longer fits into his old clothes. Has gone from 87R pants to size 14 and wears size 14 Tees and Shirts. I keep him on a strict diet and make sure he works out every day. His waist has dropped from 105cm to 75m - I will keep him working and dieting until he makes 65cm. He is profoundly aroused by my feminizing him and when I come home after an evening with my lover(s) he loves to lick his *** from me before making love to me. Although he still gets very hard he is now much slower to *** - often lasting forty minutes or more. He wants to have srs but I wont allow it - I just love his penis inside me too much and it wouldnt be nearly as much fun living with him as a woman as it is now.

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Is that a good thing?

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