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I called my son at home to let him know that his grandmother was in the hospital. She was going to have surgury but they didn't know if they were going thru with it cuz of a problem with her heart that day. He didn't return call. So I called him at work. Still no call. I sent an email but hit cap lock so the words cAMe oUT liKE tHIS. I finally reached him and said I thought I taught him better than this. (to care about his GM). He started swearing at me called me a drunk,****, drugaddict etc. He said he didn't want me around him and my Grandchildren. I am a Christian I'm on prescription drugs for cholestrol,diabetes,verdigo and vitimins. He drinks like his father. 2 fisted drinker as is most of the men on his dad's side. I only have 1-2 drinks if I'm out or 1-2 drink ever few weeks or so. Found an email from him to my husband (his father, we're married)saying he wanted to mend fences with my husband but not me. Was I wrong to tell my son he should have more consideration for GM?
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No at all. When my daughter was accidentally shot and killed on the front ssteps of our home in Texas, my husband blamed it on me because I wasn't home at the time. (I was at my health club,50 miles away in San Antonio.) We were divorced at the time,, but remarried because I though that I might bring our 'blown out' family back together again...butit didn't work out and we divorced again. I went to Betty Ford because drinking was the only way that I could deal with the situation, and my drinking had gotten out of hand. I came back 'clean' and stayed that way for years. I drink a little beer or wine now, but my husband ifficult to deal withconvinced my kids that their sister was dead because I was out partying. Today, 20 yers later, they talkk to me, and have some consideration for me - except for my oldest son, who is an @sshole attorney, and doesn't care about any of us, really. I understand what you're going through, but hang in there. I've found that living a deecent life and maintaining contact with them, even if just through texting or leaving phone messages, has eventually worked with most of them. I had 5 kids - 4 boys and one daughter - and it was my daughter who was killed. Males are just difficult to deal with; but, in all lilklihood, your son will eventually 'come around' and treat you with more respect.

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Sorry to hear about ur daughter. I'm sure thats hard to live with and congrats on sleaning urself up from liquior. Though I don't have a drinking problem I believe my husband does.

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It'll all work out.

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