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I am 17 and I was laying down I sat up and tried to use my computer when I realized I could barely type my middle and ring finger on my left hand keep trembling. when I try to use them. It is very frustrating. I have been getting odd tingles on my body for a while now. I will get tingles on both my arms and on and in my head it gives me goose bumps and makes all my hairs rise. I am starting to get frustrated with the trembling especially. Does anyone know what could be going on?
BulletForMyValentineLover BulletForMyValentineLover 22-25 5 Answers Jun 27, 2012

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You should see a doctor

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Call a doctor and let him know. I had that same problem and i still do my doctor never figured it out. I do take anti depressants for anxiety and depression which helped it a bit and also beta blockers. Those meds will work if its nothing neurological. Some people when they are younger have tremors in there fingers read about it it can be quite common. I would say if it only happens when you try to use them it could be a good sign of nothing to serious.

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