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A long time ago a speaker at a self-actualization seminar I attended talked about a method of how to decrease the Pain of a migraine/ headache through color visualization. For example, a really bad headache for me felt like burning red with spikes of blue so hot it was white . shooting pain in the front/forehead and back of my skull.

So I worked on changing the colors slowly to something that represented healing and comfort to me..soft yellow with warm sunset/sunrise colors. Then to a soft blue/aqua. It's a self-soothing technique that worked well until my late 30s and changing hormones threw a wrench into things for me ;-)

I now take something for the hormone issue that has mostly resolved the migraines but the color visualization does help if I feel one coming on. Not always, but enough that I still use it. And it works for calming the mind as well. I love colors so this strikes a cord for me. Maybe here are aromas or soft soothing sounds that can help you.


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Listen to some music you like but haven't heard in awhile

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ASMR videos on Youtube.

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keep busy don't let your mind wander

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