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I work my hardest in school and my english teacher even told me that my homework,quiz's and tests are the best she has ever seen. i have never been sent to the principles office i have never been in trouble. My teachers respect me and trust me enough to give me a not supervised study hall. Last year i went to my school counselor on my own!, to vent about my cutting, suicidal thoughts, and depression because i wanted help and the sad thing is i couldn't even go to my parents about those things because i cant trust them. Now when i get home... i tend to act goofy and more free spirited because your home should be the place you can be yourself and not be made fun of. but no my mom calls me immature and often shares her not wanted opinions about the things i do and you would think she would realize that she is the reason why i doubt myself and why i'm struggling with issues because were was she when i needed emotional support... NO WHERE! so i think i'm way more mature than her!!!!!
MKM18 MKM18 18-21, F 8 Answers Nov 20, 2012 in Family Struggles

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I wish I could help, but I'm kinda in the same position. Nothing I do is ever good enough for my mom. She very strict and barely lets me do anything. I live in the shadows of my older siblings.. But this is my last year of school. The year I've been waiting for. I'll finally be able to leave and be independent.

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Hmm... you are mature in how you handle your life I suppose at your age. Perhaps your mom has forgotten what kids are like and is seeing it thru an adults/parents eyes. Parents often are blinded with their own children for better or worse. But if you at least have an open channel of communication with them, you should discuss your issues.

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I was pretty much in the same position last year, it's not so bad this year as I'm seeing a psychiatrist. But anyway, I know what you mean.

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