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I never dream, this was as real as I am typing, we were sitting around a green pond with children playing in water . Children had adult with them but when my mother told me she was having a baby (she is 77) mothers took children from water, hosed them off and left. My mother never had c/sections...trying to find some definition on she facing birth=death? dream of birth experience death? This recently occured in my family, dreamt of baby boy and my childrens father passed within 48 hours..really need some insight.
LITTLEBITZ LITTLEBITZ 51-55, F 2 Answers Dec 18, 2011

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Jot the dream down for future reference then quit stressing about it. At 77, it's highly unlikely, your mother is pregnant and from the moment we are born we are all facing death. Just because you had a similar dream before and a death happened shortly after doesn't necessarily mean the two are connected.

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Consult your therapist!

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