I am a shy person and I'm afraid of looking desperate by randomly approaching guys when we are in a store or elsewhere. I am in college and I don't mind like getting into a conversation naturally w/a guy like in class or in a cafe (I went to party yesterday and I talked to guys there), but I am extremely paranoid about approaching guys randomly. I had a very awkward moment at a beach when I approached a group of guys, I wanted to crawl into a hole after that. Is there something wrong with me?
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Post your Picture, and I'll let you know.

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I'm a guy and usually engage people in conversation whenever i feel like it,.regardless of if i know them or not...Its just being friendly. Unafraid and free.

However i know that theres a lotta guys out there with massive ego's and sleazy intentions,.so its OK if your not ready to approach them..You are just cautious and for good reason.

Your mum sounds a bit pushy and maybe is living in her own past a bit.

If a bunch of guys make you feel awkward,.then thats a clue they are not the best bunch of guys. You have described talking to guys in the right situation and when you feel at ease..Which to me thats good enough.

These days we are not all getting married and having happy little families..So our parents may need to factor that in to their expectations.

Just be yourself..Thats the best you can ever be..Is in touch with who and how you are. Pushing your boundaries is also good ,but not too much too soon.

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Nothing is wrong with you. Your mother needs to understand that different people act differently socially, and that is okay. It is what makes life interesting. Tell her that maybe you don't want to be with the type of guy that you need to approach out of no where to get him to talk to you. It means a lot more if you have something to connect over.

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She's just being a mother. My mother wants me to meet women and I am just not the type to go to bars or clubs and look. As far as feeling the way you do about approaching men, don't worry. It's awkward to just randomly go and talk. Even at my age, I couldn't but have no problems talking to a random stranger who happens to be in the same isle of a bookstore, or in line at a coffee shop. Just remember she is being a mother and you are being you.

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No, that's normal. I always thought it was unusual to approach strangers without provocation, so I'm surprised your mother is encouraging you to do it.

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Each person has their own way of living life. My mother used to make me feel bad about having pretty much nothing but open animosity for men and I just so happened to find a guy who I connected with by playing a game online that we both so happened to play. I wasn't approaching guys in grocery stores, I didn't use a dating site, I wasn't looking for a guy, it just happened.

If you actually want to be in a relationship, I think you have every ability to do that. You do not need a man to define you as a person nor do you need to hang your identity on your relationship status. You are a valuable person regardless of whether you're with someone or not.

I think your mother is just a little paranoid like mine was and you know, she's just going to have to deal. This is YOUR life, not hers. YOU call the shots, not her.

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I think U are normal and it is ok that your mom feels that way ..she just wants U to enjoy's ok U will need some guys when U are ready

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