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kyle8000 kyle8000 18-21 1 Answer Jan 13, 2012

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As long as she doesn't encourage you to be a poet :o)

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I'm a rapper yup my parents have lost all hope, I shall continue my pursut of the fine arts and road less travelled to which has been paved by such greats as vanilla ice, necro and mt fridge word up nucka we kepps it real for life

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Hate to burst your bubble, sweetie, but being a rapper is not the road less travelled. It's totally mainstream. Nothing wrong with that, but you're not exactly underground, mate :o)

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umm I'd be conidered underground as I only have ben featured on mix-tap's featuring mostly unheard of names, you may of heard of classified maybe not but I did a set with him from the oh-canadbis tour in Monton, New bruswick, so yes I would be conidered under ground

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There's a difference between unknown and underground. I don't think you are obscure by choice :o)

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