Ive just visited my local 24hr garage, (it was 4.30am) and a chap there had just bought a bag of discounted food items. He was clearly a bit wacky but thats par for the course here. While i was being served he came back and said he spent £2.66 and was given £2.14 in change from £5 note (he still had the change in his hand and showed me). Clearly he was short 20p, but for whatever reason afflicts his calculative abilities he couldnt grasp it was only 20p. To me and my Indian friend serving him he insisted it was a variety of values. He said im short 40p, then to Raz he said thats 50p short mate, then back to me saying, thats 50p innit mate? In less than 2 minutes he calculated he had been short changed 30p, 44p 50p and 34p. I had to walk away, i couldnt stop laughing. even 50 yards down the road i could still hear him, in the dead silence of a cold November morning, reciting a series of inaccurate values at poor old Raz.
Olafsen Olafsen 46-50, M 3 Answers Nov 22, 2012 in WTK

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Love it! It does cheer you up to have a good laugh doesn't it. :)

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Freezing early morning, straight out of bed isnt condusive to jolliness, but the encounter with Discalculia Man set me up for the day. Still keep giggling now as his voice and bizarre series of mathematical workings ring in my mind. lmao.

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You described it so well I can imagine it quite clearly and am chuckling with you. Have a great day! :)

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Thanks, and you have the best of days.

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Yeah!Especially those moments wherein you're laughing too hard already you just plop down wherever you are with tears almost coming out from your eyes?EPIC.m/

*especially when with a friend as crazy as you*xD

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