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don't do it. As crazy as it may seem, she most likely loves and wants the best for you. Some mothers and grandmothers are nuts about expressing themselves, others are right on point. But don't cut someone out of your life who at one point selflessly took care of you when you couldn't take care of yourself. take care

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DO NOT CUTE YOUR MOTHER OUT OF YOUR LIFE. THAT IS CRULE AND UNUSUAL! my mom is mean but i would never do that to her she loves me & yours loves you even if she dont show it.....what does she beat you? then ditch her.

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My mother used to be the same way years ago, but believe me, I couldn't live life without her now. try to talk to one another, tell her how you feel. Once they are gone you will regret not having her in your life.

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I do this - when my mother criticises me, I say stop criticising me. If she won't stop then I do not see her for some time, and then we begin again. She can't seem to stop doing it but it does not mean I have to accept it. I would never cut her out completely although sometimes my life would be so much better if I did, she is very very demanding and negative. I do respect her but it is the truth. I do sympathise with you, hang on in there, for some reason parents think that they have all the rights to undermine because they still see us as children, but we are adults and sometimes it is all too much.

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Every mother makes her children feel angry and anxious. It comes with the territory.

You need to reflect and see what you can do to prevent her affecting you that way. Remember, she doesn't really make you feel that way. You allow her to make you feel angry and anxious. Mother-daughter relationships are often fraught with conflicting emotions.

No matter how angry she makes you feel, remember that she more than likely doesn't realise she is doing that. If she's relatively normal, she loves you and wants the best for you.

Try to work it out by talking with her. Remember, she is a human being first and your mother second. Try to think of her as another adult and see what you come up with.

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My mother lost her beautiful home of thirteen years in an upscale neighborhood by gambling away the rent and going bankrupt. She continues to gamble. As time has passed, she behaves with lessening restraint saying whatever embarrassing things come to mind in public settings. But since she's the only mother I have who worked her a** off to raise my sister and I alone, taught me work ethic, and knowing her days are numbered I tend to forgive and forget. Have I thought about cutting her out of my life? Yes.

For about 10 nanoseconds...

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Is she a physical danger to you, your partner, or your children?

Does she interupt your professional life and put your career at risk?

Has your filed false reports against you?

Has been declared mentally ill and refuse counseling and or medical treatment?

Is your mother addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, control, etc.?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above, then you are in a "toxic relationship" that MAY be beyond repair. You must do what is required to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Peace be with you.

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Thats just what some mothers do but that don't mean that they don't Love you just the same.If you are not a mother yet when you are you will understand sometimes we just want to help but come across wrong.

Love your mother she will not always be around

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That is a hard one.As a mother am sure I have made my children feel the same way.To be honest we forget how to be people we have been in mommy mode for so long and it is hard to think in any other way.I know that you feel she is judging you and well lets be honest she is.You just need to try to understand that it is ok not to be her.What I mean by that is try not to judge her...aka...dont be like her.You are you,and you need to be honest and say Mom I love you but.... I am tried of how you make me feel.How can I come to you for anything when you make me feel less then what I know I am.Don't be afraid to be who you are.Just respect where you come from.Good luck!

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Don't cut your mother out of your life. Of course, I don't know the details, but she probably loves you even though she doesn't always make you feel the best. Is she abusive? If she's abusive, yes, you should get away. But if she means well but just doesn't do a very good job of it, try to forgive her and appreciate that she's trying.

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