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Remember back when you were courting, back when you fell in love with your man.

Remember the things he would do for you, and you for him, the little things?

These are the things that you need to go back to, at least a little bit, cultivate them make them grow.

If this is not the spice, but the other "spice" you were talking about let me know and I will fix my answer :)

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Both "spices" are welcome.

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Simple love and cultivation comes down to the little things, listen to him, and him to you, work together and communicate.

I dont know how your bed love life is, but we like to do new things from time to time, once I came home and there was a white board at the top of the stairs, "school starts at 8pm" so I sat there and waited till 8:05 and came in late. Let me tell you, it was worth being late for class.
Loved it, she was all dressed up and everything.
Its little games we play, we happen to work at the same office, so I bribed the IT guy to add her printer to my workstation, and I print asci harts on her printer sometimes. Stuff like that.

Hope that helps.

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Take a trip to reconnect with your loved one. Some place close, but not too close.

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