my sense of hearing has heightened exponentially,I hear things much more clearly. I don't understand why this has happened I noticed ever since my kung-fu has improved i seem to be more aware. or possibly my training has nothing to do with it. what could cause my hearing to be so heightened? and now that I think of it so has my sense of smell,when I mention I smell something bad(lol) like my mothers slippers my parents think i am nutz till they put them to their noes. I'm just curious. oh and to cover something I have not lost any other of my senses.
BelleRaven BelleRaven 18-21, F 6 Answers Aug 20, 2009

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Hi BelleRaven

you have woken up and are paying attention. You have become mindful. Your martial arts training could well be responsible. As your teacher. You answer it yourself!

I am curious!

That is the frame of mind in which your senses are heightened. Well done you. Enjoy!


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yay for q-tips!

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were you alien abducted?

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I can hear florescent light bulbs, electricity in the over-head cables. Lots of things that most people can't hear. I think it has to do with cholesterol, the wax stuff in your ears is cholesterol by the way. Perhaps your cholesterol is lower lately.

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have you gone blind? lost your taste? smell? touch?

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