she wants to be in a relationship with a guy that buys her things and take sher out.
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There is no such thing as a free ride. If she wants to be a prostitute, then tell her to just come straight out and call herself one; don't let her beat around the bush and sugar coat it.

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well she has to be very good looking, above average and be willing to settle for much older not so great looking men...older men with money. You will find lots of those at any ***** club. My best friend is an ex ******** that is how she met her sugar daddy. she is 29 and he is 65. Their relationship has and always has been strictly platonic. he rescued her from that life and helped her get clean and get out of stripping. he is like a father to her and continues to help her and her husband out financially. again, my friend is above average looking with a real nice boob job and very approachable and friendly, she puts more than the average effort into her appearance, always has. So if your friend is gorgeous and lovable she should have no problem!

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How much are we talking about here and is she hot!

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many guys thinks she is hot but she doesnt know her self worth.

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yeah, i will do that

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she is supposed to look for the guy who can marry her not sugar-daddy,coz sometime money put us in trouble,most of the older guys have families.She need two things,love and money,sugar-d will give her money with a love which won't be enough for her

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all she has to do is place an ad in the local Village Voice subsidiary or classified ad.

Something to the tune of:

Single White Female in search of a SugarDaddy.

I can cook, clean, and I am University educated.

Tell me your favorite dish and I will perfect it.

I will be waiting for you when you return for business trips.

My time and body are for your pleasure.

Discretion is understood and respected.

Must be able to assist in paying my bills and offer a monthly allowance.

D/D Free, In shape, long legs and hair,and a Positive Attitude.

I guess that is what I would put if I was in her position.

I would also tell her to read Sugarbabe. />

No judgement though. Life is very complex...especially as a single women.

Good Luck.

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i think theres a website for that, ya i didnt believe it either, but they have one.

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why would you want someone who is only with you because you buy them things !! that is how people's feelings get hurt !!

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she should look her very best and hit on guys at the bar. if she can get them to buy her drinks then all she has to do is keep it going!

and when i say hit on guys i dont mean the extra good looking ones, because that wont work on them. Go for the average or below average guys.

good luck to her!

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hahahahah she ought not to do that.

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the country club ninetheenth green is a hole shot for the blooming onions.

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I am a very kind generous gentleman that is looking for someone to talk to and pamper in the charlotte, NC/SC area message me.

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