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I never get to see him, his mother abducted him when he was 6 months old (it was just him and me living together) and in the dream his mother moved into a house on my street and then someone was trying really hard to convince her to let me be there with him and her, she eventually said yes, and when I went in to see him he had just died. he's 2 years old. I ran into my parents house who were all having a big family dinner, I ran over with so much anger and beat up two family members (there is a lot of hate towards these two due to serious past events) I then went up to my mum started to cry and gave her a hug and told her quietly in her ear that my son is dead. I was balling my eyes out. Then suddenly woke up.
londonnoah londonnoah 26-30, M 8 Answers Nov 23, 2013 in Fatherhood

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Maybe it's a fear that you have. Shows how much you love him.

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You love your son, and you are experiencing natural paternal anxiety and fear for his safety and well-being. I'm not a therapist, but you should probably be talking to one, and maybe find a support group.

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you care for your son, you worry fir him. Which is good,

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