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dyed my hair light brown again and just got my mullet cut. Stupid playoff hair. Whtever. I have a cool design on the side. But my misconduct sucked because I was stuck in the penalty box for half a period for elbowing some guys head which is stupid becasue how was i supposed to know that where most hockey players stomach is this short buddies head was. the other one was just holding. we lost 7-8 in shootout. my goalie sucked today. At least I added points. This season in 68 games Ive gotten 121 points. This game I got 5 points. 2 goals and 3 assists. Im so glad im not a depth forward anymore. games are more fun but my temper is so bad on ice. Apperently when I got my misconduct I yelled the f word so loud the people watching from the seats on the other side went quiet. and apperently sometimes I like grunt and make an intense face when I play clapper haha.
ZacS9 ZacS9 16-17, M 1 Answer Apr 3, 2014 in Community

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Again? Please get a learner's permit and try to break the LSR.....Pathos, Tis my name.

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