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To have self-respect is to be able to recognize and express one's own specialties. The one who does this also uses every situation as an opportunity to use others' specialties too. Such a person is not caught up with the negative aspects in others, but is able to encourage and inspire them to use their specialties. When I have self-respect I have naturally respect for others too. I am able to understand others and their behavior and act accordingly. I provide an environment for others' growth. I have no complaints, as I know I can fill in within them what is missing. To have self-respect is to be powerful and make others powerful too. Physical Benefits Of Positive Thinking * You feel more relaxed physically. * You feel more active with more energy. * Your breathing improves, being slower and deeper. * Your immunological system is strengthened and your digestive system improves. * The nervous system is strengthened. * Your mind is balanced and in harmony and your
OMSHIVOHAM OMSHIVOHAM 26-30, M 2 Answers May 22, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Excellent and I agree. I, too have self respect. Cheers!

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to me, self respect is respecting your body and your mind, using both in good ways, having the balls to stand up for yourself and the insight to know truth versus fiction (all the sh** others want to cram down your throat).

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