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Not the lover but my wife branded me.

Since she owned me, collared and leashed, she said she wants to brand me. She is of few words and don't fool around and follow thru always.

After a party and drinking I may have passed out or drugged.

She with help from her friends(who also have branded husbands) branded me with a hot iron. I woke up late, naked and in pain which I found out was from the branding.

She came with a smile on her face put the collar and leash then put some ointment for paid.

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think yourself lucky a real man and a women even take the time to punish and abuse you , know your place as i do , yesterday i was punished for trying to get my wife to touch my erection her man was ragging, i was hung from a hook in garage and flogged with a heavy 20mm cane by my wife and her man , he gave me 20 strokes on my bottom really hard and 3 across my winkie and testicles, wife gave me 20 on backs of legs with whippy cane and as i layed my winkie on my hand pulled across by other hand she caned it 5 strokes im in pain still i cant touch my winkie but so happy they took the time to punish me

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For me it wasn't my wife's lover who branded me it was her. She tied me down in anticipation of a routine whipping. She whips me at least 2x a week. This time however, she went into the kitchen and i heard at the stove, a few minutes later she came into the bedroom and had a red hot branding iron in her hand, it had her 3 intials on it. She told that she was going o mark me as her property and she did. The pain was beyond intense. She put it on my a ss check and held it firmly in place until i nearly passed out from the pain. I could hear myself screaming at the top of my lungs, but to no avail. She wanted me branded and I was branded.

The next day our next door neighbor, a close friend of hers asked about the screaming and my wife offered to show her the cause of the screams. I had to take my pants and panties down, she removed the dressing and showed her the intials.

This was 2 years ago and today I have well branded bottom, her intials still stand outMy only advice is to love it.

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Same here. Spanking 10-20 lashes and sometimes in front of others.
Then one day she branded me made her property to do as she pleases.

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It seems you enjoyed it too. Put some antibiotic cream on your *** before it gets infected.

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If I was watching you being branded with a hot iron, I would enjoy it too.

If it was me being branded, I would be highly pissed off.

Of course, it would take a lot more the one man, to do it, you little pansy.

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