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1) healthy babies

2) healthy husband and family

3) healthy patients

4) peace for countries that have been fighting

5) comfort for those who are in despair

6) confidence for those who are lacking

7) happiness for the world

8) compassion for those in difficult situations

9) love for mankind

10) gentleness for all animals.

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Wow. So comprehensive. Nice!

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Thank you.

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1 I want to be in a happy, healthy, committed, in-love, secure relationship with the man of my life

2 For my brother's family to get through this difficult period

3 For my parents to remain happy and healthy

4 For my friends to meet the man of their life

5 For my friends to remain happy and healthy

6 For my grandmother to live out the rest of her days surrounded by love and care

7 For my health to remain strong

8 Greater love

9 Greater friendships

10 A less stressful life

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1. My mother to die a slow, painful death

2. My father to die a slow, painful death

3. My grandfather to die a slow, painful death

4. A hug

5. Someone to tell me that they care about me

6. A hug

7. Someone to tell me that everything will be alright

8. A hug

9. Someone to tell me the they care about me

10. A hug

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:( I hope you get your hug

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To be skinny

To have unlimited rule-free wishes for the rest of time

To find true love

To be a princess like snow from Once

To meet ginnifer Goodwin

For ginnifer to have a baby

To be allowed to watch a live rehearsal of once

For my book to get published by 2014

To be a witch like tonks

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1 My back yard to suddenly bursts into green usable plants

2 My little girl's allergy to go away very soon

3 Peace and quiet and reverence for our humanity

4 Faith in what I dearly want to believe but can't

5 My mind to be clear

6 My daughter to find her happiness

7 I am loved as much as I love

8 Mig to miraculously come back here legally...but then that would cost money. bah. I wish he'd magically fly here on a winged horse that pooped gold coins.

9 I want to be healthy if that can magically happen too. I don't care about pooping the gold coins though.

10 For everyone else to get their requested gifts

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My friend on facebook back.

To get better at shading

To actually write something more than twenty paragraphs (haven't even that lol)

To see this person here be happy.

To To be more helpful than I am(or just be able to explain what I mean.)

To begin my charity work

To learn how to write good music:D

To learn how to sing better

For this other person on here to talk to me again

And to not be so scared of mean people even though I fully know why they are the way they are. It's stupid.

What are you're ten?

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