My 3 strengths are: My ability to love unconditionally, my compassion, my sense of humor My 3 weaknesses are: Procrastination, Worry to much, Tend to wear my heart on my sleeve too often.
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I'm just answering this because you'll give me the best answer. I don't feel like answering the actual question.

Okay, bye.

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LOL omg you are soooo LAZYYYYY and FUNNY!

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Is this a job interview?

My strengths would be

1) Independence of mind /Creativity -(Commercials, Business /Product Ideas)

2) Ability to effectively analyze via Perception/Observation Interpretations (love crime & political stuff)

3) Ability to write about it (Also can take complex concepts and explain in simple terms)


1) Sometimes too compassionate / softy

2) Completing a project started (remember I'm the "idea" person - not happy in day to day operations)

3) EP Q&A or Caption of Day - Hard to pass it up.

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nah.. I don't have a job to offer... just curious :)

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I'm dependable, I like to be prepared, hard worker

fall in love to quickly, to caring, like to have fun and party.

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Strengths: competent, understanding, compassionate. Weaknesses: over emotional, obsessive, too generous

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