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Warmer water

PH rise


Irresponsible divers

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Not sure about 4 but one of the biggest causes around here is Drag net fishing. Cheers!

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go do your own homework

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Ocean acidity rising due to more carbon in atmosphere

Fishing with large nets-"bottom trawling" is what I think it's called...

Ozone layer depletion

Pollution in oceans

...I think there's others...

...Yanno, I have a feeling the OP needs to take better notes in class.

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Invasive algae.

Silting from runoff.

Cyanobacteria / fungi.

Global warming.

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Humans, humans, humans, and humans oh did I forget to say HUMANS !!

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temp, toxins, humans, salinity ?.. shooting from the hip here :)

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Some fishermen use Dynamite to fish, but then there is a type of sea snail that does terrible damage to coral reefs.

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Are your contributors helping you write a paper for an ecology class? Lol.

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