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They are Controlling

They are Set in their ways

They think they always have to be right

They are pron to be hypochondriacs

They are Mama's boys

They are a wast of your time if you want to be happy

They are posterboys for selfishness

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My whole family are Taurus' except me and 2 of my cousins.

1. They love debating.

2. They won't stop until they won that debate.

3. They always go Tic for Tac.

4. They have to one up you.

5. They think everything you do is out of spite or trying to hurt them.

5 to just give a few that goes for Men and Women.

Bonus: They get very possessive. When they (men and women) say 'MY' they are mad and are about to fight.

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Stingy... lol

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Selfish, stalkers.

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Unless castrated, they are territorial.

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Taurus men are very stubborn.

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