For me id say that 1000 ways to die has made me appreciate life the most also seeing people with disabilities and severed limbs and natural disasters most defiantly.
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This is going to sound so...I don't know...corny? But when I saw the faces of those looking for their loved ones post 9/11 in Manhattan, it made me appreciate every single person I ever loved.

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A husband with stage 4 cancer, holding hands with his devoted wife! Relationships with loved ones matter!

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Genocide and innocent people dying everyday. It makes me happy I have a life at all.

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my girl

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Drank moonshine (and lived!)

Host a Cochon De Liat

Road a zipline through the jungle

Went Parasailing

Saw the Tetons

Drank a Vieux Carre & a Goody at The Carousel Bar

Explored Chernobyl

Explored Ethiopia

Experienced India during Holi

Road the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Won a .22 Silhouette Target Competition

Shot a perfect 100 at a Clay Tournament

Explored Machu Picchu

Ran from a pack of Coyotes

Went Skydiving



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Death of a parent... brings all sorts of perspective... this ride is short. Take it in and do good. Don't hesitate...

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my children been born , healthy and happy , just those smiles on there faces

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any type of natural disaster, i am so grateful!

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my job. i see probably the most stressful things a family can experience. I'm grateful to help them....grateful it's not me.

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I had a near death experience and it was shown to me that we are the creator experiencing creation. We are all one at our essence. Life is so beautiful, now because I know in every experience we create a new facet of the creator.

Wishing inner peace, happiness and love!

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I saw a man just got beaten and stomped down and he was a innocent by stander, could had been me.

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Friends and/or relatives died at younger age (for any reason), natural disasters around.

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first thing that popped into my mind were some "miraculous" events --

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