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1. I have pay-as-I-go cell service and have spent less than $100 on it in the past year;

2. I have a digital converter box and rabbit ears on my TV instead of cable;

3. I have a DSL that costs me $35 a month;

4. I rarely eat out and do mostly my own cooking.

I feel like there are other such things, but they're not coming to mind right now.

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WOW! We are so a like. I think we have the same cell phone. Wish I could get DSL for $35
Even have a digital converter.

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I take lunch to work instead of buying food. That saves me a lot.

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I walk and ride public transportation. Planning to sell my car. That alone saves me gas, insurance, renewal, and risking my life with all the crazy drunk drivers out there. Oh, and I stopped going to shopping malls. I buy many of my groceries at WalMart instead of high price supermarkets. I buy quality clothing from consignment and trade in clothes for credit. I eat a diet that requires no cooking so I have MORE time and energy to make money.

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- I am going to save by cutting out my data plan on my cellphone and by taking advantage of a discount provided by work. It'll be about 30 dollars I save.

- I walk or bike to places.

- I have only one debit card that I do not use except for gas and I carry a small amount of cash. Under 15 dollars when I know I'll spend it. I also use checks for the grocery store.

- I go on a diet so I don't eat fast food anymore. I buy about 30 dollars worth of food a week and I eat that.

- I rent a movie instead of going out to the movies. If I must see a movie on the big screen, I wait till it's at the cheap theaters or I go to the drive-in and see it as a double special. 4.50 for 1 movie versus 8 dollars when it first comes out.

- I don't drink pop of any kind.

- I buy practical clothes.

- I go to the club and it's free because I'm over 21. I don't buy club alcohol.

- I think about major purchases for about 2 weeks. If I see a piece of clothing, I think is it practical? If I see a bag, I think do I really need it? Same with shoes and other stuff. It cuts out impulse purchasing.

- I also do cheap entertainment. Like movies as mentioned before. I go to the parks. I go stargazing. I go swimming in the free public beach. Grilling with friends at the beach can take up hours and hours of fun. Rollerskating. Ice skating. Sledding. Cheap entertainment depending on the weather.

- No cable TV. No satellite TV. In fact no, TV at all (still the old box tv). I don't miss it. High def is nice but I don't need it.

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Just get a pre-paid mobile phone (no bills) & have some money go into an account automatically each week. You won't even notice it is gone & after a year you will have a few thousand $ for a holiday or whatever you desire. No point in working hard if you have nothing to show for it!

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Open a saving account and make a monthly deposit of 200 or 300/ month.

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That's tough for most people. I could do it when I was in high school but I can't do it in today's world.

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:) you can start with less than that..maybe $50 or something

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Depends on the difference of WANT vs. DESIRE

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I have 3 different bank accounts.
One is Internet only(no physical building) Here is where I hold most my savings.
ING currently offers .80% monthly.

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I have different banks. One is an online bank. Being they have no physical building they can offer you a better return on your savings.
So as the checking account builds I move it over to the other bank savings.
I save too by using auto billing. No stamps needed.
Grow fruit and vegetables in my back yard.
I keep a mulch bin from my cuttings. No need to by fertilizer.

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Welll, thats great, you can also look for coupons for anything you wana buy, and you might find a good deal online.
you can always cut on gas and shopping....

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