1. Jack Nicholson---"The Shining" 2. Anthony Hopkins--"Silence of the Lambs" & "The Edge" 3. Robin Williams--"What Dreams May Come" 4. Morgan Freeman--"MIllion Dollar Baby" & "Unforgiven" 5. Clint Eastwood--"Josey Wales"...makes me laugh out loud everytime..esp when he spits on the growling dog!")
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Steve McQueen

Mel Gibson

Daniel Day-Lewis

Sir Alec Guinness

Micheal Caine

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Johnny Depp

Patrick swayze

adam Sandler

Jim Carey

Charlie sheen

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Robert DeNiro

James Stewart

Humphrey Bogart

Jack Nicholson

James Cagney

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What! No Tom Cruise? I thought he was being lined up for the lead role in 'Ned Kelly: Cultural Learnings of New Zealand for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Ausie-stan'

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Tom Cruise is in the top 10 worse actors of all time

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I agree

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Richard Burton

Robert De Nero

Marlon Brando

Oliver Reed

Alec Guinness

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Mel Gibson

Clint Eastwood

Steven Segal

Paul Hogan

Nicolas Cage,

to many to choose

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1. Volker Spengler

2. Kurt Raab

3. Antonin Artaud - he was in a few films, I include him here mainly because he's one of the giants of avant-garde literature

4. Charles Laughton

5. Jean - Pierre Leaud

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1. Matthew McConaughey

2. Brad Pitt

3. Christian Bale

4. Denzel Washington

5. Will Smith

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John Garfield

Marlon Brando

Sidney Poitier

Martin Landau

Leo McKern

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Russel Crowe

Anthony Hopkins

David Carradine

Robert De Niro

Sean Connery

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Gary Oldman

Gregory Peck

Robert De Niro

Anthony Hopkins

Jon Voight

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