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Hi! I have been seeing the same MT for about a year. I have some pretty serious medical issues, & I looked for the right therapist for quite awhile before finding this one. He has saved my life! I am a very open person, caring & compassionate. I have opened up to him about some personal issues, including trouble in my marriage. It started out very professional, we both kept our boundaries & kept it strictly therapist/client. He listened to me complain, no advice or anything, just was a good therapist. Well....over the past few months our relationship has changed, we are more friends now. I started going to school for MT & thought maybe that was the difference; that he sees me as a collegue more than a client & I'm OK with that. We banter like friends, even flirt a little, which is fine! Boundaries are still kept very tight. But last week I went in for a massage &.....ok let me just tell you--he works on my teres major & minor muscles often, as they are in desperate need of it :) I rest
mamachael mamachael 36-40, F 1 Answer Jun 27, 2014 in Health

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