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I have need for speed on the wii. About a year ago, whenever I tried to buy a car, my game froze, and there was a constant high pitched buzzing sound. The only way I could get out of it was by holding the wii power button until the wii turned off. I don't even have many cars. Only one in my career and a few in arcade. I really want to continue my career mode, but I only have a type 2 (van), and I need a faster car if I'm going to win races. Help?
RoguePredator45 RoguePredator45 16-17, F 1 Answer Dec 6, 2012 in Movies & TV

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update 3d card drivers dude

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Ech hymn. Dudette. XD it's okay, a lot of guys think I'm guy the way I video game.

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hehe u know I dint read ur name :P I just posted in a way :) well update ur drivers or upgrade ur 3d CARD !

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