I've just had like the worst 8 months of my life! Things are looking better now, sorta.... In any case, I've just sort of let go on a lot of things and am ready to make a change! Problem is, I'm just not sure how to start, or rather, how to prioritize what comes first, etc... Obviously, I can't tackle everything at the same time -- so what comes first? Here's what I need to work on..... Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!! (1) Sleeping/Insomnia (2) Diet (It's pretty bad -- gained 25 lbs in the last 6 or so months. (3) Smoking: I've been smoking a pack a day since I was 15 (21 yrs). It's time to put an end to it. (4) Drinking: Quit? No. Get it back to something for weekends, instead of a daily thing. (5) Exercise: I don't get any. Honestly, I *HATE* gyms, hate hate hate them!! But there must be alternatives to going to the Gym, yes? Thanks in advance!
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Get a circle of friends or just 1 good one and make it a date to go out on weekends and drink then and don't touch it the rest of the week. Quiting smoking I've never done that so not sure how.

The gym thing, you can do exercise at home with the same or better results. Maybe by an elliptical trainer for cardio or go for a run around the block then do squats against a wall, push ups and planks will train your upper body strength and your core which is your tummy. You can buy a small cheap set of dumb bells from Wal-Mart and look up different things to tone your body.

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Do you think you may have a problem with alcohol? Can you have just one drink?

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Lmao what the hell is with these people just straight-up assuming you have an alcohol problem?!? Lots of people just like to have some beer every night. *******...


The good news is that each step you take to further one of these goals will make all of them easier to some degree.

If you replace drinking-time with exercise-time there's two goals accomplished in one fell-swoop. (I know it's not quite that simple)

I think it may be best to start with the exercise. An excellent solution is to simply walk. I swear to god just 1-3 miles a day will do WONDERS. If you try and walk everywhere you need to go & take stairs you will feel better very shortly, you will feel more relaxed because your mind will have more "idle time" & it might save you money on gas or transportation fare.

Also, one good thing about the gym is there are mad sexy people there who are all very motivated to look good. Always. ;-) Their presence offers (1) date potential (2) competitive motivation (3) show-off-for-sexy-ppl motivation

It will also significantly increase the chances that you will sleep a little better.

I would also give melatonin a try. It is a hormonal supplement that basically jump starts your sleep cycles to optimize your sleep time in the most natural way possible. Probably itll cost about $10.

If you wanna go hardcore, it will be difficult but I do have a solution that will seriously knock out these goals. It's called the "Dukan Diet"

It is the most clever diet since Atkins developed by a Frenchman to cleanse the body, RESET the metabolism long term, and also eliminate ridiculous amounts of fat quickly, but in weekly/half-weekly phases.

It is also healthy which is rare. It would eliminate your desire to drink; it is very common to lose 10 pounds within the first week (which is pretty ******* motivating lol); you aren't really SUPPOSED to exercise on it because it is too exerting. & last but not least, you'll be tired more easily and will fall into a more regular sleep schedule. If you do choose to exercise, you will lose more weight, sleep better, etc...

That's just if you're super super motivated. It is a difficult diet, especially during the more restrictive phases, but it is so worth it. I am a small girl & didn't have much weight to lose. I did it for 3 months, did not exercise at all, and lost 30 pounds of just fat :)

When one thing start looking better, the rest will follow. Don't get overwhelmed! You can totally do this! The fact that you survived the worst 8 months of your life & you're already looking forward speaks volumes to your determination! Good luck man!

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Start right early in the morning.

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I'd do the insomnia- exercise thing first. It is a lot easier to do things when you are well rested, and exercise really helps you feel tired and build up stamina and stuff. I'm only in high school, but I always feel much better after a good bit of soccer or something(I also like weight room). Emotionally and physically. It helps me focus.

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Morning exercise may help with your insomnia. I personally like having a treadmill to use at home while watching tv. Also drinking alcohol contributes to waking up throughout the night.

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Diet change should help with the sleeping issue. Same with the alcohol. For the record, I'd put both of them under diet... because drinks are calories, no matter what your brain tells you. Smoking and exercise are also related. Doing some sort of exercise when you want to have a smoke will achieve both.

Good luck!

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