Im 25 and have lived in Toronto for 3 years. I was in a long distance relationship for most of that time and regrettably spent all my spare time with my ex instead of making friends. now im single and starting from scratch. im not in school, and quit my job in search of a new passion - needless to say, i dont encounter many potential friends on a daily basis. Since Ive been out of the social loop for so long, im having a really hard time getting up the courage to go and meet people.(and i feel silly because I CANT use the excuse "I dont know anyone because I just moved here...") im incredibly lonely and tired of being in a friendless rut! i have fantastic friends in different parts of the country... but none here and i need that to change. any thoughts?
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Sit down and write down your hobbies and interests - specifically ones which work well in a group. Maybe you're interested in politics or history. Or perhaps you're a huge movie buff. Perhaps you read a lot. You mentioned you have a passion - not sure what that is, but I'm certain others share it.

See, there are TONS of clubs, societies, organizations, and volunteer groups even in the tiniest of towns. There are dozens in my town of 3,000 and you're in Toronto!

Once you have a list of your hobbies, just start hitting up google. You'll find tons upon tons of groups. In these groups you'll meet people who are guaranteed to have a common interest with you - easy friends.

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Best of luck to you... once upon a time a person could just go socialize... but now with the internet its just easier to stay home and pretend to be someone you are not and not have to live with the disappointment of people not turning out to be all you had expected of them.

1. Participate in group activities you enjoy (local rec center should offer seasonal, co-ed sports, and or arts and crafts of any type, or you could volunteer at the animal shelter, nursing home, or with big brothers/big sisters, etc.)

2. Put an add on craigs list for a gaming/shopping buddy... I have seen them here for people looking for others to play dungeons and dragons, and by people new in town just wanting someone to see the sights with.

3. The art museum and we have a science museum here, and both take volunteers to give tours, you get reduced or free tickets to the exhibits.

4. Are you inclined to join a church... they have many youthful activities and opportunities for people your age.

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You can meet someone in a grocery store, hardware store, at a play or walking down the street.

All you have to do is say, "Hi" and females and males will know you are reaching out and you will get to talk with different ones even in a park or a parking lot.

The thing is to not invite them into your life, just talk things over in a coffee shop to get to know them. I knew one woman that hung out in one bar all the time and she meet people coming out of the bar when she was by herself. I said hi and then we walked to a park to talk. She was open to every guy and it was really cool and I never dated her.

You can be that girl or what ever you want to be. You create your own reality.

Shake that thing and you won't be alone too long.

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Do something that interests you. Join a dance class, go to a poetry reading, or talk a walk in the park. Good luck

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join a club, or take courses. befriend a neighbor. In my city; there is a group for new people who comes to the city. I never went there because I missed it. it was until next year that I found about it

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get drunk get laid - repeat........totonto's a cool town.....WORK IT girl.....

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