In Norway we have Petter Solberg sayings: - "In Norway we rape after dinner" (meaning that we burp after eating dinner) haha! - "It's not the fart that kills, it's the smell" (hahha this one is hilarious! It means that it's not the speed of the car that kills, it's the crash. Fart= speed, smell= crash)
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hmmm... i can't think of any Mexican comedian

the sense of humor in that country is more of a double sense

they say something that sounds innocent but many people could consider inappropriate and crude (sexual innuendo)

an example- is a woman called Chabelita (Nora Velasquez)

she is a simpleton woman- who confesses here sins to a priest- thought the sins sound like she's a filthy dishonorable woman-

she is always referring to something innocent and reveals so at the very end of the skit

In the United States- hispanic comedians who have created a name for themselves are George Lopes- Carlos Mencia and Gabriel Iglesias to mention a couple

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that's very funny.

No not alot of people can speak english around here

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Where are you from? :)

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i wasn't born there

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Oh, cool!

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SOME SAY I AM SWEETIE, 'nuff said:

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Yes... All politicians who just ruin english...its incredible india..

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