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Good, potentially great, with some potential bad down the road.

Being who you are is the most important thing you can do. Being authentic. Not doing things or stressing about what you think others want you to do, to fit in, to follow the crowds ect. In that sense it is good.

Great...not following the crowds can make you an entraprenaur extraordianair (yeah no time for spell check, sorry...there's a hurricane ya know), it can make you a visionary, you can observe from the outside looking in, you can find like minded people, you can change the world.

Potential that you can also become isolated, and that can be hard...and then you can start expanding the "I don't care" attitude and build walls that limit can become a crutch, and a rut, and limit becoming the ...greatest you possible.

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Great attitude to have, but not realistic.

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just not at the extreems

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Difficult to put into practice.

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